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Perfect Gift for your Bridesmaids

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Giving away bridesmaids' gifts is not always necessary, but is always a great idea. It's a simple thank-you gift for all your gal palls who prepared and pitched in for your engagement and bachelorette's party, helped you choose flowers, and happy-cried with you while picking your wedding dress.

Immortalize your wedding bouquet with the Fiore Pendant

The best bridesmaid gifts are ones that show you've put thought into picking them-- it should be something memorable and personal, something that will remind your bridesmaids of the great time they had with you at your wedding.

One of my all-time favorite things to make is the Fiore pendant. It has a classic and elegant look to it, and can be customized to depict your wedding bouquet in your wedding color palette.

All Fiore Pendants are one of a kind and lovingly handmade by me.

Necklace length can be adjusted to preference

The Fiore Pendant comes in many different colors and styles.

Aside from it being a memorable gift, the Fiore Pendant is easy to style. Wear it with a basic white shirt and jeans for an elevated laid-back look, or wear it over your favorite little black dress for date night. Either way, your girlfriends will surely love wearing it.

You may get on-hand Fiore pendants in various colors and styles here, or you can send us a message to request for customised ones for your fave girlfriends.

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